Supergirl Season 3 Finale Review – ‘Battles Lost and Won’

Martin Carr reviews the season 3 finale of Supergirl…

Fiery pits of molten magma, villainous heretics melting like cartoon witches and time travelling antics are just a taste of this season three finale. There are also numerous emotional segues which involve teary eyed hugging, navel gazing aplenty and emotive moments with wistful pauses. In short Supergirl is both a bonanza of action set pieces intercut with bad news, drawn out departures and boxes of tissues.


Having blown the whole FX budget in a six minute city saving fiasco things settle down to Sam still languishing in a medically induced coma, Reign is missing in action while Brainiac and Emra return to round things out. This episode if anything is about finding, acknowledging and embracing change through identity, responsibility and purpose. These fond farewells which have always fallen on the wrong side of saccharine feel timely on this occasion. Lumbly and Harewood put the father and son plotline to bed finally in an emotive scene, reminding us how these actors have so positively impacted on proceedings.

Likewise Odette Annable does not go quietly into that good night bringing Reign in at full force, while reserving the softer side of her persona for a beleaguered Sam. Others have said this before but Annable has provided this season with a genuine villain who felt both rounded and threatening to our girl in tights. Cobra like, unrelenting and without remorse Reign has brought the hurt on more than one occasion, while these writers have ensured a suitable goodbye is given. In equal measure Chris Wood as Mon-El has proven a solid choice both in terms of broadening storyline potential and giving Benoist someone new to react off. Stoic, forthright, measured and heroic Mon-El has provided season three with some indelible high points.


James Olsen has also flourished into a self-assured super hero taking Guardian and making him a credible companion, while Jeremy Jordan has done similar things with Winn. Turning a one note character into someone with far reaching prospects and darker skeletons in his closet than some might like. There have been very few wasted episodes this season where the writers have been caught napping, going for the easy option or opting for padding over progress. The Legion, Argo, Brainiac and company have added a refreshing comedic edge to a series which is now firmly established. Those final few moments of congratulatory back slapping aside where some have moved on to pastures new, Supergirl sets up an intriguing opener for season four and makes us miss her already.