Supergirl Season 3 Episode 20 Review – ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

Martin Carr reviews the twentieth episode of Supergirl season 3…

Pink Floyd references aside this is pedestrian stuff which feels more like high end production padding than progression. Sub-plots feel like distractions, emotive exchanges like evasive manoeuvres while nothing dynamic occurs. This maybe the first time where Supergirl successfully drops a ball and fails to illicit an audience reaction. So many things felt fabricated that my attention span waivered, while concerning looks, dramatic hand holding and furtive glances defined the measure of narrative impact.

Gone are the highly charged emotional scenes coupled with cohesive set pieces, only for such things to be side lined in favour of naval gazing. Kara and Mon-El spend a vast majority of time isolated, swathed in monk like vestments currying favour half way across space. Other sub-standard plot threads involve surrogate parenting and what it means to be responsible for other people while balancing your sense of identity. For the most part there seemed to be an inordinate amount of downtime when it came to plot points.


Reign and Lena do laps around the Luthor labs whilst trying to avoid eye contact, just as Alex and Jonn exchange life lessons, tread narrative water and wait for Kara and Mon-El to return. As for the depiction of their location and the various emotional epiphanies which happen these failed to land for some reason. It had nothing to do with any of the actors involved but more about how relevant that discovery really had overall.

From the moment Kara and Mon-El set foot under the dome I knew they would be leaving with their intended prize. Just as there was little surprise when one of these so called high council elders was revealed to be a turncoat. As an audience member I knew everything was building towards the eventual release of Reign. Keeping that caged tiger behind bars for the duration of this episode did little to diminish her impact. Brazen, brash, glowering and God like there are few who could adequately represent any sense of challenge to this world killer. Even in those final moments before the writers were wise enough to set up the anticipated confrontation, no one could add drama enough to distract or fill that noticeable void.


With only two episodes remaining some months after normal service would have seen season three finish, we have reached that finishing line. There must surely be some unhealthy amounts of smack down to be metered out before Supergirl emerges victorious. Bruised, battered, broken but not beyond repair, only time will tell if season three can tie things up neatly or leave remnants scattered and past redemption.