Young Sheldon Season 1 Episode 20 Review – ‘A Dog, A Squirrel, and a Fish Named Fish’

Martin Carr reviews the twentieth episode of Young Sheldon…

Besides the physics lesson and inclusion of Sheldon Cooper phobias, episode twenty is all about adults, young adolescents and religious intervention. There are Big Bang references, more subtle side swipes and character jibes, but ultimately Sheldon plays second fiddle. If anything he enables more interaction between neighbours and an expansion of the community within the time constraints.


Competitive streaks between rival parents, mediation instigated by Pastor Geoff and Annie Pott’s Mee-Maw getting physical, all feed into the situation. What Lorre and Molaro continue doing is focusing on the little things, knowing that a purely Sheldon centric show has limitations. What they have in Armitage is a great foil, surefooted comedian and subtly dramatic actor. Alongside the other seasoned professionals this gives these showrunners so many options that situations become more fluid as a result.

Neighbours Hershel and Brenda are cut from the same cloth being both unintentionally comedic yet overly protective of their offspring. These prejudices, familial squabbles and moments of slapstick comedy make time fly by. With two more episodes on the way and less than forty minutes left of this season, it is safe to say Young Sheldon has created a niche. Somewhere between The Big Bang fan base and Wonder Years devotees from another generation, this nostalgic sit-com continues offering up entertaining segues.


Where exactly they decide to take things from here is academic. This pint sized programme has a built in fan base, an expanded following of new watchers and years of material. With literally hours of Big Bang back catalogue worth mining it would be a fool who ignored Young Sheldon any longer. What Lorre, Molaro and Parsons were hoping for has come to pass and the only fly in that ointment might be Parson’s departure due to more lucrative offers. With word that Big Bang may wind up in the next season Young Sheldon seems to have worked out perfectly. What began as support material for an extremely valuable franchise is close to creating one all its own. If the quality displayed thus far is anything to go by that can be no bad thing.