Supergirl Season 3 Episode 12 Review – ‘For Good’

Martin Carr reviews the twelfth episode of Supergirl season 3…

Episode twelve might not be the most progressive but still ticks along by backtracking on numerous plot points. Old adversaries come out of the wood work, divert our attention and keep that run time packed with decent performances. Morgan Edge and a certain maternal figure come back into the frame causing havoc, promoting blame culture and essentially putting those cats amongst those pigeons. Cars explode, people get a little frothy around the chops and some hard-core smack down action ties everything together. In short it’s a solid forty minutes plus of super hero shenanigans worth tuning in for.


What we have then is a return to form for Earth based terrestrial foes which grounds Supergirl within more conventional perimeters. There is of course the occasional smattering of high-tech gimmickry but in the main ‘For Good’ is more emotionally driven than other episodes. Chris Wood and Benoist still share the sparks that make their dynamic so engaging, while Harewood, Brooks, Leigh and Jordan continue making the DEO an entertaining team up segue. McGrath and Annable also add something extra into the mix with their conflicting agendas and medical issues, making for emotionally layered characters which lift off the page.

As we reach the mid-way point of season three things are definitely shaping up as world killers are gathering, cataclysmic Earth changing events are on the horizon and a big reveal is coming. Friendships will be shattered, someone will die in a sacrificial ‘take one for the team’ finale type fashion while the mother of all cliff hangers looms. For the curious I have had no advance screenings and am going only on my gut with that last statement. Emotional trauma, challenges beyond measure and a super hero tested to the limit awaits those still watching come that season three closer. Consider ‘For Good’ a breather in our run up to the main event guaranteeing that season four greenlight, in which some seriously big guns need to be found if it hopes to measure up.


Whatever happens ‘For Good’ proves that these writers continue being extremely adept at bringing in well crafted, concise but emotionally honest drama. A fact which allows Supergirl to continually evolve beyond her comic book origins into something altogether more realistic.