Gotham Season 4 Episode 11 Review – ‘Queen Takes Knight’

Martin Carr reviews the eleventh episode of Gotham season 4…

Tensions are running high, medieval memory recall methods ae implemented and others get their marching orders in Gotham’s midseason finale. Directed by show runner Danny Cannon and pulling all the threads together in a perfectly paced piece of television, there is something here for everyone. Historical foes surface and get an admirable swan song, love rears its ugly head once more, while others spend time talking to mirrors.

Production values still remain on the right side of grandiose while one particular farewell is theatrical yet solemn. There is a modicum of claret being spilt, a little bad boy behaviour and some improvisational beatings before that final curtain call. McKenzie continues leading from the front as the morally compromised Gordon, while Harvey hangs around looking unwashed and unwelcome. Allegiances switch yet again while the girls finally get to do something meaningful.


Moments between Tabitha and Solomon, Alfred and Bruce and Nygma by himself provide a majority of the stand out moments in ‘Queen Takes Knight’. Revelations are satisfying, conflicts feel earned and all things feel suitably meaty as we reach the midway point. Sean Pertwee gets emotional which is always worth the entry fee, while Mazouz really gets into his reckless Wayne persona.

Good old-fashioned gangsters are a rare breed and everything else feels diminished when put in close proximity to them. Having said that justice does feel suitably administered when it comes from a character of gravitas. However manipulations thereafter feel smaller in scale, more distraction than plot progression and for that reason less engaging. That is not to say Gotham is unlikely to get a season five at this point. It has the requisite breadth, ticks all the action slash emotional boxes required and feels substantial. Villains and the availability of decent conflict is also no longer a concern as there only needs be one or two. With the arrival of a familiar face on the horizon before we come back after Christmas, Gotham looks to be in decent shape on that front as well.


With all the pieces in position and numerous directions this could go there is no clearly defined path. Disruption has been widespread, futures are noticeably uncertain and major players are coming home to roost. When the denizens of Gotham gather together again for 2018 be prepared for an unsettling continuation of a season which has so far delivered in spades.