Supergirl Season 2 Episode 18 Review – ‘Ace Reporter’

Martin Carr reviews the eighteenth episode of Supergirl season two, ‘Ace Reporter’…

Back on screens and in fine form Supergirl Season Two gives us a Silicon Valley bad boy with seemingly nefarious intentions barely out of Pampers. He may be the head of a global brand but Jack Spheer, played by iZombie’s Rahul Kohli is smooth, intelligent and media friendly enough to slot right into National City. Similar to other high functioning entrepreneurs who populate this town, he has the latest medical breakthrough at his finger tips and a romantic back history with power player Lena Luthor. Something which opens up the episode and gives our shady BFF to Kara Danvers a little more substance.


What Katie McGrath has done with Lena Luthor within the confines of Season Two should not be overlooked. Not only has she grounded a comic book character within the limited forty minute screen time, but McGrath has established Lena with precision and patience. Leaving motives open ended but connecting her to Kara gives the character depth without the need for theatrics. Allowing her to play an important role in broadening the appeal of Supergirl whilst never overshadowing Benoist. Which is why it’s good to finally get a little more on her personal life and previous romantic entanglements. A main focus in ‘Ace Reporter’ that is neatly balanced between Lena, Jack, Kara and other long term character beats, providing ample screen time for all.

Intrusions from outside meaning anything beyond DEO activities and Guardian sideshows are minimal, but play into the over arcing narrative. Kara and Mon-El, Lyra and Winn as well as James and Snapper all get a moment to shine. While the medical MacGuffin which kicks things off is inventive yet contrived, entertaining without begin laughable and comes with an emotional pay off that adds satisfaction. So it is that Supergirl delivers another tightly plotted piece of television that proves there is still plenty of fuel left in the tank for a season return.

Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante employed a similar plot decades ago with the film Innerspace, but Supergirl keeps the budget down and duration to a third of that sci-fi comedy throwback by attacking it from another angle. In an age obsessed with life expectancy, retention of youth and control of our aging process Ace Reporter remains topical and prescient. There will come a time when things like this are possible and no doubt these leaps in tech have already taken place. All Supergirl asks of people is that they exercise a little restraint when considering the application of said advances.


For anyone else more concerned with explosions than theological debates, let me assure you that things do go bang, there are acts of daring do and almost everyone is smiling at the end. My advice is to keep watching.