Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16 Review – ‘Star-Crossed’

Martin Carr reviews the sixteenth episode of Supergirl season 2…

Back after a two week hiatus Supergirl combines art theft, intergalactic family feuds and lovelorn relationship issues in grand style. Guest starring Teri (Lois Lane) Hatcher as one part of the Daxam royal entourage, we get a non-threatening Airforce One frigate parked within Earth’s atmosphere throughout. Which sort of feels like your parents waiting to pick you up during a party you have no intention of leaving.


Having established early on that Kara and Mon-El are sickeningly loved up is sloppy and only signposts the inevitable break up to follow. That we have been aware of Mon-El and his transgression lessens the impact but still manages to retain our emotional engagement. This is mainly due to Melissa Benoist who does most of the heavy lifting while Chris Wood’s Mon-El gets to run the full range, from enraged to enlightened taking full advantage of his arc.

Where Supergirl succeeds most notably this week is in the mirrored storyline concerning Lyra and Winn. Where writers have employed a convoluted plot device concerning museum art theft, nocturnal nookie and invisible accomplices. Allowing us the action which is a prerequisite plus an emotional pay off. Throw in the necessary arrest and Maggie Sawyer for good measure and things continue to look up throughout.

What you get here is a much more compact episode where plot points are hit, marks are made and character development is progressive. With each passing week there is a focus that ensures we move further along without there being massive leaps of narrative faith. James Olsen and his Guardian shtick are now par for the course within DEO circles, while Maggie is working alongside Alex and aiding investigations. Likewise Mon-El has become someone of interest with all too evident flaws who has grown and developed. Even Winn who started out as a sidekick character and background player has progressed immeasurably.

Whether these were things guaranteed to happen based on the big if question of if we get renewed we will never know, but it sounds more than likely. Such is the fickle nature and revenue pressures placed on television shows these days, that longevity depends upon continual movement. In the words of Woody Allen shows must be like a shark and constantly keep moving or people lose interest. What Supergirl continues to do with the help of their hugely successful cross over shows is pique that interest, maintain that freshness and produce tightly structured episodes week on week.


That we end ‘Star-Crossed’ in just the right place where all of these elements intertwine without making it feel like a cop-out is admirable. For fans of The Flash it promises to be an entertaining distraction with more than its fair share of singing I suspect.