Supergirl Season 2 Episode 13 Review – ‘Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk’

Martin Carr reviews the thirteenth episode of Supergirl season 2…

This Valentine’s Day episode is surprisingly satisfying considering the antagonist in question, who could have been annoying in the extreme. I refer of course to Peter Gadiot’s Mr.Mxyzptlk possibly the oldest DC nemesis dating back to 1946. Impish, inter-dimensional and oozing charm Gadiot gives him an innocent all powerful vibe, which adds to the episode both visually and emotionally. Being able to manipulate space and time means there is a heavy reliance on visual effects, as Mxyzptlk conjures flowers, dresses, evil denizens and musicians out of thin air.


His fixation with Kara is at once endearing, sweet and misguided in an obviously misconstrued manner, meaning this villain is not so much evil more immature and not used to rejection. In terms of charisma Benoist has met her match through Gadiot. Watchable without feeling clichéd he makes mincemeat of the men folk whilst remaining likeable. Effects heavy the episode maybe, but their use is in keeping with the structure and never overshadows any drama on show.

Outside of the romantic dynamic between Kara and Mxyzptlk, there is the ongoing Maggie and Alex conundrum, not helped by the focus on Valentine’s Day. Here more than anywhere else there is an interesting story slowly unravelling. Both actresses working hard to make their emotions believable within the perimeters of the show. Whilst Mon-El and Kara feels the more forced even though Woods and Beniost play it straight and with a degree of integrity. Even Jeremy Jordan’s Winn gets in on the action this week, as he is paired off unconvincingly with an off-world woman. In terms of where that may or may not lead is academic, as I got the impression throughout Winn was punching above his weight and failed to convince. Primarily because Gadiot’s Mxyzptlk was much more the Casanova in a mere matter of minutes, than anyone else has managed all season.


So the entertainment comes from seeing Mon-El flounder in the face of overwhelming competition. Maggie crumble under the realisation that the world is not solely centred on her, while Winn finds happiness in an unconvincing fashion. However what does come out of Supergirl is a sense of connection. For the first time in a while things are tied off and it feels right. There is resolution, progression and also the knowledge that these characters have actually learned something, which is not always the case when it comes to network primetime. As for what next week brings, here’s hoping we get a little more serious drama and a lot less romantic navel gazing.