The Strain Season 3 Episode 4 Review – ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’

Martin Carr reviews the fourth episode of The Strain season 3…

This episode is one long amount of aftermath. Fallout from the destruction of a singular foe in those final moments of episode three. Scattered and leaderless the enemy roam free with no fixed goal, no self-discipline and only an unchecked hunger for company. Elsewhere the picture is no brighter as Zach is still being held by Kelly, Goodweather and Dutch take comfort from a primarily liquid diet, while Quinlan has issues with the Ancients.


Samantha Mathis’s Justine Feraldo gets an episode front and centre once more, dealing with chain gangs, terror attacks and potential infection. It feels to me like there are no winners this time round and New York is just sinking deeper into the mire. While Richard Sammel’s Eichorst looks lost and uncomfortable for the first time in three seasons, without the guidance and support of his omnipotent companion.

Militant news factions are springing up simultaneously intent on spreading misinformation, unrest and prolonging the time of upheaval still further. Gus and Angel allow us to see the plague spreading from a ground level, in which those holding power seem no better than the Master’s minions. Quinlan meanwhile spends some time getting bullets removed and discussing reasons behind why he should be dead. There are essentially two types of enslavement going on here which is dividing rather than unifying, which itself makes for an interesting dynamic.

Fet and Setrakian are still very much a band apart from the others, especially once certain facts are brought to light regarding the disappearance of their sacred Lumen. However there is still an understated confidence to this season, which has as much to do with faith in the programme as its source material. There seems more structure to proceedings now and narrative appears less fragmented, which has as much to do with emotional investment as any amount of direction, writing or acting going on.


Stoll can now do Goodweather in his sleep as can Bradley with Setrakian or Durand with Fet. To single out these few actors is to take nothing from anyone else. Each player seems perfectly cast for their respective roles and invests themselves fully in realising that character. As events gather pace, people make decisions and The Strain rolls ever onwards season three continues to promise us plenty and deliver in spades.