Scream: The TV Series Season 2 Episode 11 Review – ‘Heavenly Creatures’

Martin Carr reviews the eleventh episode of Scream: The TV Series season 2…

As usual I am running behind schedule. Up against it and the creator of my own predicament. Having watched the finale to this second season I obviously know the outcome but have no intention of spoiling it for anyone. With the unveiling of nefarious evidence this episode, Scream draws inevitably towards its end game conclusion. Blood will be spilled, names will be called and at least one more person will come under the knife.

As Noah remains in mourning having thrown in the towel on his preverbal ‘morgue’, we now find the on off friends of Audrey and Emma forming yet another alliance. As ever the fun to be had with Scream is not in the predictability, but rather that consistent character interaction. As internet tomfoolery kicks off, murder boards uncover more mystery and things culminate in one more hack and slash fest, Scream begins to build momentum.

For a dynamic duo and obvious homage to that Peter Jackson classic which brought us Kate Winslet, Taylor-Klaus and Fitzgerald make an engaging pair. By now we know where everything is headed yet the journey remains interesting, entertaining and above all engaging. These flashback dreamscape nightmares which haunt our heroine are also microcosms of beauty, in their throwback to Craven’s other notable villain, even if no one says anything outright. Elsewhere these stock characters of corrupt politician, police chief with shady past and best friend with secrets to reveal are played to the hilt.


There are no missteps in this second season to suggest that an equally entertaining third go round anything other than the same. Scream has now become a watchable, funny, easy way to kill an hour and walk away smiling. In the aftermath of yet more carnage there were some nice touches, which both moved things along and opened up a few possibilities as we head into the final episode. Let’s face it we know what’s coming but we’ll stay on the ride anyway; right?