Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 9 Review – ‘Walcott Prep’

Martin Carr review the ninth episode of Wayward Pines season 2…

Before anyone says anything I know this is late. Things happened beyond my control and that’s an end to it. Suffice to say there have been steps taken to rectify this oversight and now we are back on track. And typically this would be the one episode which turned out to work on all levels, exceeding expectations, creating intrigue, tension and a seedy little twist.


So what did we get? Flashbacks intercut with present day shenanigans, a whole boatload of Abby threat from outside the fence, as well as some angry men with large guns staring each other out. Finally as we near the end of this season Yedlin has manned up, armed up and is taking matters into his own hands. Patric does threatening and domineering very well alongside the requisite mind games necessary to instigate rebellion.

With a real fight or flee scenario playing out we discover that the remaining townsfolk are in a proper bind. CJ, Yedlin, Kerry and Jason stand on the precipice of a monumental decision. Their illustrious leader Pilcher has put them at a crossroads which is threatening to unbalance the unity the town needs to survive. Psychological warfare is now being waged over those with influence in order that everyone, not just some, can survive beyond the existing threat.

Meanwhile past encounters are played out in flashback giving us context, perspective and reasoned debate. Toby Jones contributes much more in these moments as Pilcher, giving him back the humanity which had been stripped away due to escalating events. Pivotal information is shared shedding light on current events. This is turn provides a domino effect culminating in bloodshed, recriminations and more than one or two steely eyed stares. It also cranks up the tension as death throes are played out under a counterintuitive soundtrack. In many ways the effect reminded me of Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave, as Christopher Ecclestone lays dead with a knife point piercing his Adam’s apple. Maybe the end of Pines failed to maintain a similar shock factor but the comparison definitely holds water.


As for where this puts us for next week is still up in the air, but one thing is certain no one will be smiling come those end credits. Unless Yedlin can pull something miraculous from thin air the all you can eat buffet bar will soon be open. Serving malnourished defrosted resident with a side order of unwashed accoutrement. All I can say is Pines has finally got some mojo back let’s hope that can be maintained in the close episodes.