Scream: The TV Series Season 2 Episode 6 Review – ‘Jeepers Creepers’

Martin Carr reviews the sixth episode of Scream: The TV Series season 2…

Name checking torture porn slasher flicks has now become par for the course in Scream. Text messaging gifs, red herrings thrown into the mix in order to flummox your audience and creepy locations are all expected. Tongue in cheek voice over, subtle nods to an all too aware viewing public and cultural relevance, make Scream not only infinitely watchable but hugely enjoyable.


These O.C. clones are all chiselled, good looking and far from stupid, yet find themselves in increasingly ridiculous situations. Even those characters perceived as uncool, lacking in a healthy glow and existing on the periphery are accidentally handsome. This is no complaint, rant or other diversionary tactic, just someone stating a fact. Because these factors help define and reassure us that we exist in a specific genre, acknowledge certain things as a given and therefore can expect few surprises.

What continues drawing us in however are not the similarities which help categorise, but rather the focus on arc, development and ultimately pay off that give us closure. Noah’s voiceover, that funhouse location, references to Saw and the lesser sequel, as well as that hand severing backslash cauterisation moment. These are the things people tune in and watch for because everybody likes some emotional turmoil and blatant bloodbath action.

What continues making it good for me beyond the fact I have requested the duty of reviewer, is simply that Scream is entertaining. I said it last week that the programme has almost become like a solid soap opera, where you know what is going to happen and therefore the need to dip in and out is encouraged. John Karna plays Noah with such awareness it is a wonder he can resist nodding and winking into camera every five minutes. Taylor-Klaus is just plain having fun playing the duped side kick of our so called killer or not, while Carlson Young gives Brooke an air headed quality which hides a case iron underbelly.

Elsewhere Willa Fitzgerald instils Emma with all the damsel in distress, heroine in hot water bearer of the scream queen torch bravado you expect. Her boyfriends are all catalogue model cast offs with seedy pasts, five o’clock shadow or barely veiled menace behind baby blues. For all her resourcefulness she is blind to the obvious slasher mentality which a majority of these prospective suitors possess. It is however all in the name of entertainment that Emma suffers through these trials only to escape body bagging at the last minute.


For those who have been keeping up with current events people are getting their arses kicked. Expect anyone not in the core casting call to be toe tagged real soon, while half the fun now comes from seeing who is going to whip out the machete next. Putting it politely Scream is turning into a slice and dice extravaganza, where honestly anyone could well end up as a main course. Stay tuned for updates coming soon.