Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 6 Review – ‘City Upon a Hill’

Martin Carr reviews the sixth episode of Wayward Pines season 2…

Coming across like a particularly visceral version of Chicago Hope or ER, Wayward Pines is gathering momentum as we head towards the half way point. With mutual resentment both sides of the line between Xander and Theo, in what can be best described as a non-fluid exchanging emotional threesome with Rebecca as the filling. This twisted version of happy families is more entertaining than a thousand buck naked chrome domes outside the fence. Not that these all new thinking, acting outwitting threats are completely without merit.

With their ability to learn, adapt, incorporate and pinpoint weakness, abbies are now much more interesting and noteworthy. Living in harmony with the landscape rather than trying to bend it to their will, this species are the less attractive, more advanced versions of ourselves. Having done away with the need for weapons and relying more on tactical positioning as well as an element of surprise, humans here in ‘Pines’ are being handed their coats.

Jason is having a crisis of conscience while CJ continues being the stoically calm centre around which others revolve. Elsewhere Adam is still suffering from PTSD and refusing to shave, if only to counterpoint his appearances in flashback sequences where he looks smartly stalker like looking longingly at Theresa. His delusion alongside the three way between Xander, Rebecca and Theo makes for a diverting counterpoint to the more gory elements. It is also nice to find out that Toby Jone’s Pilcher is not entirely without flaws, be they emotional or organisational.

With a sudden influx of wounded and scant food supplies rapidly diminishing people are starting to show their true colours. There are sides being taken, rules being broken or bent, while Patric’s Yedlin wanders around blood soaked, drunk or angry. Which in the case of this actor is no bad thing, because in spite of everything else he remains watchable. A fact I feel sure has been mentioned before but one which requires reiteration, because what Patric has done and continues doing is grounding this series.


Not that he has the lion’s share of scenes by any means yet nonetheless draws your attention more than Hope Davis, Tom Stevens and to a certain extent Djimon Hounsou. But in the defence of Hounsou it is because CJ has very little to do and features in minimal scenes. As the Abbies gather strength and circle Wayward Pines there remain very few mysteries left for those who have been watching. As food, medication and town moral drop dangerously low, there is a guttural war cry out there in the night. Question is does it spell the end for Wayward Pines or the beginning of a new chapter.