Supergirl Season 1 Episode 15 Review – ‘Solitude’

Martin Carr reviews the fifteenth episode of Supergirl…

When you are dealing with a computer virus made flesh, who is the manifestation of a species designed to control technological systems for a whole planet expect two things. Firstly lots of big words and secondly a very long sentence. Now consider yourself introduced to Indigo the aforementioned computer virus, who just happens to be tall, athletic and bound in a one piece purple spandex body suit.

Like an internet version of Livewire from way back when, she infiltrates, undermines and runs rings around our heroes for most of this week. Intangible and in league with everyone’s favourite Shakespearian evil uncle, Indigo is an ass kicking on-line Mystique without the X-Men umbrage. Which is cool to a point and throws another curve ball into the mix, just when you thought that Supergirl was becoming predictable.


What Benoist does in this episode is much the same as she has done from day one. Which amounts to being extremely appealing in a personal sense, infinitely likeable from a character perspective as well as believable. A friend of mine commented a few days ago at his hope that Supergirl gets a second season. As he thought it unlikely the producers could have found a better fit for the role. Now my friend is not known for such sentiment and has a potty mouth which is almost legendary, so for my money his considered opinion should be valued. For me a second go round seems inevitable and beyond the necessity of an internet campaign, even if Ms Leigh and Benoist have already taken to Twitter.

You see my opinion is based on the fact that Supergirl remains inventive without trying to overreach itself. Clever touches this week include the visit to ‘that’ Fortress of Solitude, as well as the evil underling at Catco seducing Winn in a comic aside. From the perspective of character development, there is more than enough meat on the bone to keep even the most demanding audience member happy. Revelations aplenty are fired off within the walls of Catco and the DEO, ending in touching moments of emotional resolution, while Maxwell Lord’s absence goes unnoticed.


Talk of The Phantom Zone, flashbacks to Kara’s journey and reawakening all play out in an episode which comes with plenty to recommend it. Whether you watch it for the 90210 elements or the saving their city from imminent destruction segues. Supergirl’s ‘Solitude’ packs a punch to the head and heart, for both the comic book mastermind and fair weather TV follower. Which brings me back round to the simplicity that makes this programme good, even if some consider it tried and tested too many time. Supergirl offers up a fresh spin on an old story, while cast and crew alike bring their own brand of vodka to the party.