Video Game Review – Homefront: The Revolution Closed Beta

Martin Carr reviews Homefront: The Revolution closed beta…

Deep Silver Dambuster Studios have created something which I have played more than a few times. I appreciate that this was a closed beta of Homefront: The Revolution, but somehow my expectations were higher. As this beta was only available for three days my time on it was limited. But from a control perspective I found things quite intuitive. Weapons were quickly accessible and in very short time I felt the learning curve disappear. AI wise my opponents were reasonably smart and presented trouble enough for me within the confines of the landscape. More often than not picking me from hundreds of yards away ensconced behind barricades. Which forced one of team mates to step in and revive me seconds later. Multiplayer mash -ups, attribute shuffling and heavy handed fire fights are on offer. While access to all elements during prolonged pitch battles experienced minimal slowdown.

Although others have spoken about how engaging the multiplayer is here I am unfortunately in disagreement. There is something pedestrian about this game. All the whistles and bells are in attendance but somehow it lacks soul. There will be those who buy this game regardless, just as others pick up every Black Ops incarnation. However Homefront lacks a beating heart right now.

Obviously I say right now because this is a closed beta. Still in development. Still being tweaked and still months away from release. So the judgement should be taken with a bucket of salt. I mean let’s be honest I prefer driving games. There is much here to applaud and applaud loudly. Fighting is smooth, response and communication does not suffer throughout. While the load times between matches is only a small niggle when measured against so many other positives.


As far as FPS are concerned I do live and die way too often with Gears of War so I am biased. Did I expect anything exceptional from Homefront: The Revolution beyond the obvious. Not really. Did it disappoint bearing in mind its current beta status? Again not really. All I will say is take these words with an element of reservation. After all the release is still some time away.