Supergirl Season 1 Episode 8 Review – ‘Hostile Takeover’

Martin Carr reviews the eighth episode of Supergirl…

Supergirl moved into the topical realm of cyber terrorism this week, when Kara faced off against Auntie Astra and Uncle Non. While Cat Grant fell victim to industrial espionage, which served to unearth the odd secret and generally broaden the playing field.

Although performances were uniformly good there was a sense of been there done that. Meaning Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks and Jeremy Jordan handled the hacking solution conveniently. Yet this seems to be the result irrespective of the episode. As both Alex and Henshaw also provide her with critical info at an opportune moment week on week. While Winn can seemingly solve any internet crisis inside of two minutes. And as for Astra’s incarceration it proved the least surprising element. Merely providing a catalyst for that all important mid-season segue.


With a full season request in the bag there was a marked move away from super villainy. Allowing these evil doers the freedom to make themselves more three-dimensional and inherently human. Granted these moments occurred in flashback and from an unknown point of view, but they served to provide a means of empathy. Combine this with Henshaw’s revelation and right now Supergirl scores on everything but subtlety.

Aside from the histrionics which Benoist lays on during the supposed betrayal of her aunt, who may or may not be telling the truth, everything else seems routine. There are some who say Supergirl brings nothing new to the table. That the storylines are tried and tested and low risk. But what gets forgotten amongst these debates is that DC Comics has been around for eons.

In that time somebody somewhere has done almost every storyline. Even authors say there are only four basic plotlines, but please don’t quote me on that I may be wrong. My point is that successful derivation is key to reinvention. Take The Force Awakens which is nothing more than the original 1977 classic with some new togs. By the way I have seen it and my opinion is just that and not there to upset or annoy. However as a central tenet for constructing Supergirls defence I consider it a solid example. Because what ultimately separates these two from the herd is not storyline but passion.


You feel they care deeply about them. Of course they know their demographic and are aiming squarely in that direction, but the fact remains that it is done with a smile. You see I can forgive anything apart from mediocrity. Do something with passion, intelligence and integrity first and foremost. If you achieve two of those three and inject some fun then I’m sold. And based on those requirements Supergirl still ticks all these boxes.