Supergirl Season 1 Episode 3 Review – ‘Fight or Flight’

Martin Carr reviews the third episode of Supergirl…

It’s so much easier to write a bad review. For anyone who reads but never writes them they are often fun, scathing and without mercy. Reason being that the reviewer has something to get their collective teeth into. Issues arise when you actually like the show but need to be honest. Unfortunately I’m in this situation right now.

You see Supergirl started strong. Good ratings, a solid opening episode and decent premise. Structures were put in place to make its continuation a no brainer. However the simple problem with such precision, is the inability to move beyond those perimeters and improvise. Here are a few problems with the show right now as I see it. By the way I understand that lots of money, time and resources have been used already.


First off I see no problem with Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks or Calista Flockhart. As Kara, James Olsen and Cat Grant, these actors do a good job fleshing out the characters. Neither do I have issues with Chyler Leigh as Kara’s sister nor her boss, who for the sake of brevity will remain nameless. These are all well-developed or at least fast on the way to becoming so. My issues lie on a more base level.

Let’s start with the villains who are inventive but too easily overcome. There seems to be a pattern emerging where the D.E.O organisation always finds a weakness in them in those final minutes. Kara comes up against them, gets slapped down, then sister and shadowy boss offer up a solution which works straight off the bat. Now if I can see this so can others.

Issues with episode three boil down to the fact that Supergirl does too much soul-searching. Standard issue life lessons spoon fed to an audience, who are not easily fooled by high production values and quality effects. Benoist, Brooks and Flockhart do their best with the material, but I feel they have been short-changed. A feeling doubtless shared by the audience as ratings have begun to plummet.


Storylines are lacking, substance is minimal and Reactron looks like a crap Iron Man with skin problems. His back story is wafer thin and seemingly surplus to requirements. We need less navel gazing and woo is me mawkishness from an actress with the buoyancy of a life jacket. I said it before and I will repeat for those who disbelieve. Melissa Benoist has the ability to charm her way through Supergirl and come out smelling of roses. If however the series carries on in the same vein, it is unlikely to springboard her onto better things. Now that there would be a pity. By which of course I mean a shambolic travesty.