Scream: The TV Series Season 1 Episode 5 Review – ‘Exposed’

Martin Carr reviews the fifth episode of Scream: The TV Series…

Webs of deceit are quickly unravelling this week in an episode where no one gets killed. Now I know the premise rests on someone regularly biting the dust, but every now and again it’s good to clean up. There are no film references or bad mouthing of rivals either, rather a focus on plot, relevation and detective work. A sensible choice considering we are now at the mid-way point.


I say this season because my gut tells me that Scream: The TV Series has legs. Maybe no more than two bites of the cherry but definitely no less. Even though the extortion sub plot represents a weak link there is still meat on it due to other participants. Elsewhere there remains strength in numbers, by which of course I mean Karna, Fitzgerald and Taylor Klaus. Despite the theme of exposure running throughout this episode these three remain a central focus. Whether uncovering clues or identifying the killer, they remain watchable amongst a slew of mediocrity.

Someone else who is becoming increasingly important is Carlston Young’s Brooke Maddox. Seemingly superficial and devoid of intellectually redeeming features, Brooke looked earmarked for a body bag early on. With all credit to the actress, this portrayal is what Scream as a concept was invented for. Destined to die beneath a high school jock screaming like someone stole her charge card. Carlston has given this one-dimensional cast off a conscience, some heart and dare I say brains. Lifted straight out of Clueless, Heathers or Mean Girls, Brooke has experienced a wake-up call which is far from over. As revelations go hers is the most life changing, even if our opinion of her is still shaped by too many episodes of The O.C.

What Scream: The TV Series has done then is given everyone skeletons aplenty in their closet. Therefore because this plays out like 90210 on occasion things have a tendency to slip through the net. Minor points are not absorbed as we are too busy looking elsewhere at something not plot related. However what has become apparent with each episode is that no one plays by the rules. Maybe only Karna’s Noah Foster and Fitzgerald’s Emma remain unsullied. I have my suspicions about Taylor Klaus, Carlston Young and virtually everyone else.


That you see is the charm of this programme. They have invested enough time in the characters to make us care, but laid little Easter eggs of doubt along the way. And with a lack of body count for once you are able to really pay attention. Rather than being distracted by a charred carcass or decorative cadaver. With the promise of five more episodes things are definitely on the up.