Scream: The TV Series Season 1 Episode 4 Review – ‘Aftermath’

Martin Carr reviews the fourth episode of Scream: The TV Series…

It would be presumptuous of me to think that I have influence on the course of any programme, much less one like Scream: The TV Series. That strangest of all hybrids. An ironic genre mash-up, which itself was a deconstruction and revitalisation of the tired slasher movie. However it is nice to see that someone, somewhere recognised the need for Scream: The TV Series to pull its finger out.


After the lacklustre effort of last week, there exists in episode four reasons to be cheerful. Aside from a weak sub plot involving Connor and Amadeus. Which finds these two model slash jock straps whispering in corners like pre-school toddlers trying to hoard all the toys. Things are finally getting interesting. With Karna, Taylor-Klaus and Fitzgerald taking centre stage once more, there is cause for concern. By which I mean these people finally have something to worry about. In subtle chuck away lines, Karna’s Foster laments the passing of a bygone age, while his love lays in the mortuary. It is a pertinent comment upon the intangible nature of the age we inhabit. Moments are little more than digital back up. Photos are no longer held and cherished, whilst conversations exist in soundbites on a global stage. Which somehow makes us all guilt by association, as we are capable of witnessing everything.

In terms of film homage Scream: The TV Series touches on Jaws, L.A. Confidential, Halloween II and Se7en, whilst taking a side swipe at Pretty Little Liars. It appears these writers either asked permission, or simply take no prisoners when it comes to belittling the opposition. This is brave because Scream: The TV Series is unestablished on the small screen. Meaning they are in possession of a double-edged sword, leaving them open to ridicule should this topical slanging match backfire.

In my opinion a legacy dare not be relied upon for leverage in this attention deficit defined culture. Where people get tired quickly, think they know better and quicker than the networks and circle like vultures when things fall apart. Karna, Fitzgerald and Taylor-Klaus maybe fulfilling their potential, but this is no time to rest on your laurels. By proving to be supremely clever at mixing social media messaging and hard evidence, there is much here to be applauded. With Amelia Rose Blaine’s on-line blogger Piper Shay, we also have a convenient conduit for extraneous exposition. Which not only grounds narrative, but keeps things focused. Something which combats the unnecessary mood music and Clueless heart to hearts.


For once there is more to add here than I am willing to reveal, which makes for an exciting prospect. An episode five with promise, focus and claret on the menu, is just what this show needs to get that all important ratings boost.